Why Horses

Co-Evolution of Horse and Man

Horses have been our companions since humans first discovered that horses could take us further and faster than we could go alone.

Equines are now being recognized for their most important gifts to man as teachers, healers, and partners.

Horses are Herd Animals

Horses are always working toward balance and harmony within their herd. They balance their need to depend on and protect each other with their need to find their own place in the herd and in the world around them. Everyone wants to fit in somewhere. Horses show us the healthy way to do this.

Horses are Prey Animals

Horses have had to develop an abundant sense of awareness. It is what has kept them alive for centuries and what today makes them so unique and ideal for this work.
They are extraordinarily aware of emotional states in their environment (similar to the "gut feeling" you may get) and non-verbal cues. Horses are able to tune into our thoughts, feelings and give us their hearts so that we may learn to follow ours.

Horses are Excellent Communicators

Horses are herd animals that use body language/posturing to communicate. They are able to pick up on the most subtle, and at times subconscious body language cues we as humans often miss or misinterpret. They can teach us to recognize and understand our own and others' non-verbal communication.

Horses Never Judge

A horse does not care how you look, how much money you have, that you talk differently or if you can sing well. A horse accepts and loves you as you are.

Horses Never Lie

Horses do not separate how they feel from how they act. It's just not in them to lie-even to "spare our feelings.” They will give us honest, non-judgmental, immediate feedback on our true feelings and emotional states. We are able to see ourselves through their eyes, which provides us the opportunity for real change.

Horse Therapy: Equine Facilitated Human Development and Counseling